Alternativity Series
CD Packaging

A series of annual Christmas gifts for friends presents opportunities for variations on the same theme. Alternativity 5 uses the numeral “5” to imply the image of a snowman playing guitar. To achieve this, white ink was sponge-painted through a hand-cut stencil onto colored paper. Magenta and teal act as variations on holiday red and green.
Alternativity 5 cover
Alternativity 5 interior
The seventh edition of the album was inspired by advent calendars and acknowledges each of the previous albums with an icon related to its artwork. The interior introduces more icons relating to specific songs. The reverse reveals the contents of the present under the tree: the CD itself.
Alternativity 7 cover
Alternativity 7 interior
Alternativity 7 reverse
The eighth edition of the Christmas album features an “8” created from a hybridized double-wreath with ornamentation alluding to music. Visual interest is added by lines extruded from the type of the album title.
Alternativity 8 cover
Alternativity 8 reverse
Various techniques have been used throughout the years to create the art. A “Best Of” edition, Nice & Naughty, used traditional illustration with references to previous covers, while the ninth in the series involved photographing an array of nine jingle bells and twine. For Alternativity 11, the artwork was screenprinted by hand to create a unique piece of art for each copy.
Alternativity 9 cover
Alternativity: Naughty and Nice cover
Alternativity 11 cover
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