engaGE Geneva
Print Campaign, Photography and Logo

Shema Community

For a series leading up to a community service week, a variety of work was created to both stand alone and also integrate with the larger service event. The series was to be a “training program” and the poster draws inspiration from work-out manuals. It also focused on prominent biblical characters, so artwork utilizing famous paintings was created for the gatherings. The initial teaser flyer introduced the engaGE logo which was designed to convey connectivity and movement.
series poster
projected backdrops
teaser flyer
To spread the word about the community service week (designed to give back to the city of Geneva), a poster and flyer were created that would be at once familiar (via the imagery) and new (via its treatment). The marketing strategy worked – over 170 people volunteered and worked on twenty diverse projects over a five day period.
service week poster
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