Promiseland Environmental Graphic System
Creative Direction, Icon System, Environmental Graphics and Collateral Materials

Promiseland South Barrington

The children’s ministry of a large suburban church wanted to activate its new spaces with environmental graphics. While the architecture and interior elements were already established, kid-friendly visuals were required to create consistency and tie everything together. The solution is a dynamic system of icons that works with the preexisting branding and can be combined in various ways to create pattern, illustration, letterforms, directional signage and more.

Entry Hallway Welcome Sign

I created a set of over 400 unique icons that celebrate creation and creativity, from the natural world to science & discovery to the arts to sports & games and more.
400+ Icon System and Color Palette
The icons are utilized throughout the space via vinyl appliqué to encourage discovery and movement.
                                                 Hallway Graphics (Left to Right, Top to Bottom): Dolphins, Giraffes, Gecko, Age Group Signage, Kangaroo
Hallway Graphics Artwork: Cheetahs
Hallway Graphics Artwork: Directional Arrows
As they have become identified with the program, the icons have proven a natural way to brand other collateral materials, including postcards sent to students and posters & handouts outlining the mission.
Thematic Postcards (Left to Right, Top to Bottom): Water, Land and Air; Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter; Sports, Music and the Arts
Mission and Strategy Poster
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