The Budlong Public Transit Campaign
Art Direction, Photography Assistance and Print Design

The Budlong Hot Chicken

This campaign was developed for Chicago hot chicken purveyors The Budlong in collaboration with Marketing Director Dan Minea. The majority of their restaurants are accessible from Brown Line “El” train stops, so those trains were targeted. A focus on the product and a friendly brand voice are the keys to the approach that doesn’t load the viewer down with extraneous information.
#ChickenSandwichWars train platform signage
For the interior of the railcar, a recreation of the Brown Line’s map is implemented to highlight the restaurant’s locations.
Railcar Brown Line signage
Signage during Chicago’s cold winter months plays up the heat of the hot chicken sandwiches in contrast to the frigid outdoors.
Winter Warm-Up train platform signage
A refresh of the railcar interior sign spotlights the restaurant’s app while riffing on the train line and the product’s spiciness. This particular sign allowed the opportunity to help shape the content from the overall concept and tagline to the art direction of the photoshoot.
“Hot Line” railcar signage refresh
“Hot Line” initial concept sketches and resulting campaign photography
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