Graphic Design Professors
Character Design, T-Shirt and Poster Application

Personal, University of Cincinnati AIGA
A favorite of University of Cincinnati design professors and students alike, these caricatures of the graphic design faculty began with pencil sketches observed from the classroom environment. After combining and refining these sketches into working character designs, they were scanned and redrawn in the computer.
left to right: Gordon Salchow, Kristin Cullen, Heinz Schenker, Joe Bottoni, Sandy McGlasson, Robert Probst, Maureen France
For AIGA’s Halloween-themed “DAAP-a-Thon” social event, the faculty were attired in various costumes and placed in the school’s graphic design studios.
The artwork was also simplified to create a 4-color screenprinted shirt with the addition of a caricature of professor Stan Brod (lower right). Substituting a dark brown for black helped stretch the palette.
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